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Brookshire Barrett  LLC is a specialized firm that applies economic theory, data sources, and methods to litigation issues and courtroom testimony. While the majority of our work involves the calculation of economic damages in personal injury and wrongful death cases, our work regularly includes wrongful discharge, discrimination, other labor market cases, and lost profits and other commercial damages cases. Michael Brookshire and George Barrett are past presidents of their national forensic organization.

It is our desire to provide attorney clients with responsive and efficient services that result in state-of-the-art reports and conclusions. We also place a premium on high standards for quality and for ethical conduct. The "Statement of Ethical Principles" of the National Association of Forensic Economics governs all of our work.

Economic Damages

Dr. Brookshire first testified about economic damages in 1975, at the age of twenty-four, and for more than 40 years, the calculation of economic damages has been the core of his consulting business and his published research. Mr. Barrett has also worked and testified as a forensic economist for many years, but he has also specialized as a vocational rehabilitation expert. Their work has been evenly divided over the years between plaintiff and defense attorneys, and we often speak on these topics at meetings of plaintiff and defense trial lawyers and of lawyer meditations.

The partners and staff of Brookshire Barrett are therefore very experienced in working with client attorneys to gather necessary data, prepare reports, and testify regarding all categories of compensatory damages in personal injury, wrongful death cases, and labor cases. We also have specialties in punitive damages, medical monitoring damages, and commercial damages. Please feel free to contact us anytime about your particular case needs.

Legal Representation
Legal Aid

Vocational Evaluation

In a personal injury case, a vocational evaluation is necessary to provide an opinion of post-injury earning capacity. Typically, a vocational evaluation will require approximately one-half day of interview and testing. Brookshire Barrett has secured licensing agreements with numerous publishers, allowing us access to a wide range of vocational assessment materials. From occupational preference assessments and intelligence tests to dexterity evaluations and work samples, all aspects of human appraisal are thoroughly investigated. The vocational evaluation is an integral and necessary step in formulating an opinion on optimum vocational outcomes.

Once the interview and testing session is completed, transferable skills analyses, labor market surveys, job analyses, medical review, and deposition transcripts are all used to assist in formulating an opinion of post-injury earning capacity. It is necessary to draw information pertaining to the injured individual's employment capabilities from as many sources as possible. A thorough examination of all the available information will be conducted by Mr. Barrett and that information along with the results from the vocational evaluation will be used to formulate an in-depth, well-documented written report which will then compliment the economic analysis of damages.

Areas Served

Brookshire Barrett LLC have provided expert consulting services across North America, including the following locations.

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